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Welcome to Auragold Manx and Cymric Cats!


We are a small cattery in Anchorage Alaska, breeding long and short haired Manx for great show cats and even better pet cats.  I started with three cats from some of the finest catteries, and I would not be here today with out the help of these great Manx Breeders:  Gay VanWeelden of Mistysprings Cattery bred Mistysprings SilverStar, Phyllis Durdy of Faerietail Cattery bred Faerietail CosmoComet and Elma Sterk of Kabelkim Cattery bred Kabelkim Astrid.



These three cats make up my foundation and Cosmo has been the proud papa of all of my kittens. He is retired now and I am working on the next generation of fine manx with his sons and daughters. 


Auragold Cattery is proud to announce that Auragold Nero eaarned best Cymric kittten for the Northwest Region TICA in 2010. He is now happily making kittens for the next generation.